Ship them on RORO or conventional ships from cars to cranes, trucks to tractors, trailers or tankers, buses or boats, tanks or heavy earth moving or farming equipment, we handle it all in our flexible laid our yards by collecting and delivering from them.

Each vehicle is inspected at the ramp of the ship and into our terminal to ensure it is delivered as it was shipped. It is a step ahead of the KPA’s inspection and handover the tally on the ramp of the vessel.

Our yard that can handle 3000 units affords us to be the top ranked competition to deliver units to our clients safely and time saving. Once the vehicles are collected at the ramp, they are transferred to our terminal within the Ports time limits and have it delivered immediately or within 24 hours latest. The terminal is fully tarmac concrete with a 24 hours stand by generator support.

Safety and cargo security is number one on our priority list with strong process control and physical security at every stage.